Come forth and enter the magical world of Sir Jarlsberg. He shall take thee on a multitude of Medieval adventures, introducing thee all to a myriad of enchanting characters. Sir Jarlsberg’s stage performance is most certainly like no other, with “Steed” the musical lute-playing horse, DJ Forlorn Maiden, and chance appearances by many other enchanting chums. You will be whisked away on musical journeys beyond thy imagination. Come hither and explore the birth of Hark Hop. Enjoyith the inaugural Hark Hop album "Hark Thou" that will knock thy pantaloons right off thy hips. Now spread this music through thy land. Tell a horse, a goblin, even a man. Message a maiden, yell to a lad, give word to the peasants, narrate to your dad. Speak to a Bishop, inform thy Queen, summon the jesters, report to thy King. Hark Thou to all and to all a Hark Thou! HUZZAH!

We also do private parties for all ages. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.